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HOLT EXCAVATING SAND & GRAVEL, LLC is a full service, family owned aggregate company providing quality products to its customers for 78 years.
Established in 1945 by Harold (Bill) Holt in Dallas, HESG was built on the premise that innovation, quality and service will be rewarded with customer loyalty and support.
Times were different then and most advertising was by word of mouth. The building boom of the 50's and 60's helped established Dallas what it is today and his business and clientele grew as well. 

Although competition was strong with limited resources, he managed to expand every year by providing honest services and the best material at a fair price. He quickly opened his own sand pit in Grand Prairie and sold screened loam and sand products to his customers. He also provided tractor and dozer work for his customers in the North Texas area then, and today those services still exist.

The name never changed and he was always very proud of what he had developed.
We still hold those same values today and can assure our customers that they are getting that same superior product and prompt service at a fair price.
Other companies may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch, and that is guaranteed.

Today, we are still serving the metroplex. Customers still receive that same expertise and professionalism today like Bill Holt did from the beginning.
Holt Excavating Sand & Gravel, LLC ®  2023
Bill Holt's 1st Truck.
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Mike Holt, Owner
Mike brings more than 48 years experience
to the table as the owner and 45+ years
of operating construction equipment.
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